Angular Project: Must use Angular CLI commands for everyone

7 Most Useful Commands in Angular Project

In this post, I will give you the 7 most helpful commands to speed up your Angular Project.

I assume you have already installed Angular CLI in your system. If not, please install it first from here and read further.

1. Generate app in the current directory

ng new <your_app> --directory ./

In case if you want to specify any path, replace ./ with ./your/path.

2. Skip test files

ng new <your_app> --skip-tests

This will not add .spec.ts files into your project. You can even use this when generating components, directive, etc.,

ng new <your_app> --minimal

You can use this when you want to keep your app simple. This will only add typescript & html files by skipping .spec.ts and .css|.scss|.sass|etc.,.

4. Run & open your application

ng serve -o

This will run your project and open’s automatically at the provided port. By default, it open’s at http://localhost:4200

5. Generate files where you wish

ng generate <type> /give/your/path/and/name

Let’s take an example of generating a component:

ng generate component my-homepage

This will add a component related files in the app directory. In case, you want it to be added in a subdirectory like app/pages. You can use something like this:

ng generate component /page/my-homepage

6. Add supported libraries

ng add <library>

With this, you can add supported libraries to your angular project will less manual work. Here is an example:

ng add @angular/material

7. Build a deployable directory

ng build
ng build --prod

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