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A Simple 3D & Responsive Image Carousel

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MK 3D Carousel is a simple & a responsive 3D Image Carousel plugin created using JQUERY & CSS3.



Install jQuery
  $ npm install --save jquery
Install mk-3dcarousel
  $ npm install --save mk-3dcarousel

or download it from here. Post-installation, include CSS & JS files to your page.

HTML Usage

  <div class="mk-carousel" id="mkCarousel">
    <img class="active" src="<your-path>/file-name-01.jpg" alt="File Name 1">
    <img src="<your-path>/file-name-02.jpg" alt="File Name 2">
    <!-- ... Image list goes here -->

Add mk-carousel class to the wrapper element and list the images you want in the carousel as defined in the above fashion.

JavaScript Usage

      // Options goes here

Have a look here for options to customize your carousel.


A Simple 3D & Responsive Image Carousel Click here for demo.


  • IE 10+
  • Firefox 10+
  • Google Chrome 12+
  • Safari 9+
  • Android Browser 3+
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