A short walk-through on SAP’s Angular Framework

Spartacus Framework Walkthrough | Pilot #0

Spartacus Framework Walkthrough | Pilot #0

Hi Folks!

Welcome to my new blog-series on Spartacus a new framework designed by SAP for their Commerce Cloud applications.

In this series, we will learn how to work with Spartacus by doing some customizations to the default Spartacus Storefront. For example: Changing existing theme, layout & more exciting stuff.


Spartacus is a lean, Angular-based JavaScript storefront for SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris). Spartacus talks to SAP Commerce Cloud exclusively through the Commerce REST API. Comes with benefits such as, it is an open-source framework, decoupled & extendible.

This is a pilot article, in this, you will find all the necessary things you need to know on Spartacus to begin with. But we will understand this in deep in the upcoming articles. Let’s start then.


Every frameworks ship with some limitations & Spartacus do have few limitations like these:


  • Angular CLI: 9.1+
  • Node JS 10.14.1+, < 13.0
  • Yarn 1.15+


It is recommended to go with either 1905 or 2005 versions. However, it works with the 1811 version as well, but with some limitations. So keep that in mind.

  • SAP Commerce Cloud 1905 or 2005

Needed skills

  • Angular 6+ (isn’t it obvious)
  • TypeScript (this too)
  • RxJS

Good to have skills

  • SASS
  • Bootstrap



Are you interested in the series? then I would request you to setup your system accordingly by following instructions from here for both Cloud & JavaScript store setup. We will be learning more on Spartacus Module in the upcoming articles.


I’m just an enthusiast like the share the knowledge. However, you can also check the official documentation for info. You can subscribe to the newsletter to get updates on upcoming articles.

Till then, Bye! have a nice day!

Masoom Ul Haq S
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Masoom Ul Haq S

Masoom is a Front-end Developer, a UX Engineer and Freelancer based in Bangalore, India. Like to develop differential and effective User Experiences for digital products using an amalgamation of latest technology and best practises.

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